3 Tips for Playing Poker Online


3 Tips for Playing Poker Online

Stick to these three online tunaspoker playing tips and you will begin to see your bankroll grow faster.

Avoiding Player Distractions

If you are not completely focused on your game at the online poker room, the other players are going to have a field day picking apart your chip stack. The action is very fast online so you are going to see far more hands each hour, which means it is harder to spot opportunities because things move so quickly. Turn off all your mobile devices and play in a secluded room where you can start paying closer attention to tells of other players.

Mixing Up Betting Patterns

One of the easiest ways to give away all your money at the online poker rooms is to get too comfortable playing in your surroundings. While you might feel safe in your living room and relaxed to the point you are not on the defensive, the best players are spotting one obvious tell that could kill your bankroll. Betting in patterns is a bad habit that comes from being too comfortable, so focus on your moves and commit to mixing things up.

Playing Aggressive and Tight

One way to throw the other players at the online poker room off your trail is by playing a little tight and aggressive at the same time. The reason you want to do this is that if you play tight, you have too many good players waiting to pick you off, but if you are tagged as reckless, you get people wanted to take you down too. Playing right in the middle by mixing up your play keep the majority of players from wanting to mess with you.

If you practice at these tips each day, you will see your bankroll start growing. For more information feel free to click this tunaspoker.


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